Weddings in Sardinia by Motus in Sardinia

A Civil Wedding Ceremony may be celebrated in the City Hall of every Italian city or town.

On the wedding day, the bride and the groom, with the guests meet 30 minutes in advance with our interpreter and proceed to the Hall where the ceremony takes place.
During the ceremony, three articles taken from the Civil Code of the Republic of Italy (related to mutual rights and duties of married couples) will be read and translated.
Then the final certificate will be signed. The exchange of vows and rings comes next. The overall ceremony can be about 30 minutes.
A Symbolic Wedding consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony.
You can celebrate such a wedding without limitations or restrictions.
Every symbolic wedding is different from the other. It is usually performed on a different day from the civil wedding.

Catholic Weddings can be theoretically celebrated everywhere (on the beach, at home, in a garden), and it is legally valid just like a civil wedding.

In reality, it all depends on the authorization by the bishop in every single case.
In Italy, a Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated when both bride and groom are Catholic.
If one of the parties is of a different religion, a Catholic wedding is still possible as long as you attend the required pre-marital classes and have the paperwork approved by the religious authorities in Italy.
In the case of one of the parties being divorced, the Catholic Church will not allow you to remarry in church. You must have an annulment recognized by the Catholic Authorities.

We are pleased to offer a "Celebration of Commitment", which takes place in the unique and private setting of a wooden, vintage sailing-boat in the clear waters of Sardinia.

The Celebration of Commitment is offered to any couple of the same sex wishing to celebrate their permanent relationship. This is not a legally recognised union, although it will be conducted by a recognised Wedding Celebrant.
We pride ourselves on being able to organise the most interment wedding that consists of just bride and groom to a full fairytale wedding and to a budget that will suit every client's pocket.

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